Compendium is an online portfolio and composite resource of fun to be had in Minneapolis. Encompassing theater, arts, books, restaurants, museums, charity, and more, it is a one-stop shop for anyone invested in making the most of Minneapolitan life.

There are multiple pages, each with a theme. Some, such as Art and Theater, are self-explanatory. Others, such as Books, track my activity on Goodreads and compile my reading goals. Still others, such as Sundries and Karma, follow posts that don't fit into narrowly defined categories, or offer information about ways to give back to the community.

If you love the content here, awesome! Make sure you subscribe (upper left hand corner), or follow my Twitter @becki_iverson and Instagram @beckiiverson. You can email me at compendiummpls@gmail.com. And I'm beyond excited that I'm now writing for Thrillist! Click here to check out my articles (which you should definitely do, because they and Thrillist at large are pretty awesome).

I am also a member of the growing Twin Cities Theater Bloggers group. We just hosted our first public event and talk-back (I co-moderated) and we have some amazing things in store! Make sure you fangirl with us on our Facebook page, Twitter, and other media. 

Please feel free to leave a comment, have a conversation, share a link, suggest an activity, or more. I'm always exploring more to do and I'd love to hear any suggestions you have. I read every comment you send, so the more the merrier!

Also as a note: I often receive comped tickets from theaters for which I write my reviews. Any opinions are my own regardless of whether the ticket was comped or not. 

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