Friday, January 30, 2015

Reviewed in Brief: RED-EYE to HAVRE de GRACE with "Out There"

Do you like creepy things? Can't get enough of ghosts and insanity and the dank books of the 19th century? 

If so, then Red-Eye to Havre de Grace, the Walker Art Center's current "Out There" performance, is most definitely for you. Following the last five (and heavily eccentric) years of Edgar Allen Poe's life, Red-Eye weaves together dance, stilts, optical illusions, park rangers, poetry, and a gaggle of instrumental backdrops (seriously, it's strange - clarinet, bassoon, two pianos played with at least four different techniques, etc.) to bring Poe back to life.

Red-Eye is by far the most traditional, narrative piece I've seen at an "Out There" performance, and for the most part it's a hodgepodge that works. Most Americans have at least heard of Poe at some point, and the masterfully constructed introduction to the show is invaluable in helping understand the narrative (in other words: don't be late! It's the best part of the entire production, and absolutely hilarious. It's about time someone "roasted" Poe). However, Red-Eye is just a little too long for the subject matter to keep your interest (90 minutes), and to be entirely honest, isn't fully engaging if you're not super into Edgar Allen Poe. There are things to enjoy, but it can feel too scattered.

This is the last of the "Out There" performances, and it ends this weekend - catch it while you can! Learn more by clicking on this link.