Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What's in Your Resolution?: 2017

Resolutions are a tricky thing...

Cooking more is definitely on the 2017 agenda. 

Sometimes they can be really helpful. For example, last year I made a resolution to be more consistent about working on the blog. Not only has that proved to be far more fulfilling than expected, but it has taught me so much about persistence, growth and self-teaching, and introduced me to some amazing new friends.

Resolutions can also be depressing, however: they don't always account for life's unexpected changes; you shouldn't only adjust your life or do positive things one time a year; and sometimes the goals you set for yourself can be a little overambitious.

So as I look forward to the coming year, I'd like to know: what do you want to see more of here? More books, more food, more shows? More museums or volunteering opportunities? I'd like to make this a two way project and post more of what you want to see.

Please let me know your thoughts! You can always comment here, or find me at my Twitter handle or Instagram. Until the next post, sending you all best wishes; I'm having a great holiday break, and I hope you all are enjoying a blessed end to the year.

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