Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Continuing the Conversation: Sexual Harassment Resources

Of all of the many reasons I'm proud to be a Twin Cities Theater Blogger, the #tctbconvo series is at the very top of my list. 

Created as a response to the controversy over Refugia last year, #tctbconvo represents the Twin Cities Theater Blogger's attempt to host proactive dialogues providing solutions and resources for major cultural issues on stage and behind the curtain. Past subjects have included racial diversity in casting and production choices, women in theater, mental health, disabilities and the differently abled, and sexuality and gender identity. We have been blessed to have a diverse, dynamic group of panelists featuring local theater creators and artists - all of whom have generously donated their time - who have fiercely advocated for their work and provided some truly excellent resources to help theaters navigate these issues.

I wanted to write a quick post to quickly shout out our most recent #tctbconvo, which was hosted Monday night at Park Square Theatre and focused on the issue of sexual harassment. I think we all can recognize what a timely subject this is, and I was thrilled with the nuanced dialogue from our panelists. We had our first ever guest moderator (shout out to Caroline Palmer of MNCASA!) and it was a lovely dialogue.

As usual we recorded the entirety of the convo for anyone who couldn't attend. You can click here to go to the YouTube link, or click on the embedded video above, to listen to the whole thing. I also took some breakout notes on good resources the panelists recommended for anyone trying to find ways of crafting policies, making reports, and generally trying to understand this issue, which I have linked below. Please share around and let me know - are there any more resources that are really helpful that we could include on this list? Each organization is linked on the name - click directly to go to their websites.

Thanks SO much to all of the panelists for this and previous #tctbconvos - please come join us in the future! Our next date is tentatively set for Monday, April 30. To listen to previous #tctbconvos, please click on this link to go to our YouTube page.

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