Monday, February 15, 2016

Hala Carnaval! with Carnaval Brasileiro

Bringing the tropics to the Twin Cities

It's pretty well known that Minneapolitans like to party, and equally well known that our weather at this time of year is completely antithetical to the party instinct. So what to do?

If you're Robert Everest, you organize a Brazilian style carnaval, fly in a few enthusiastic Brazilians, and set it all in the most underrated venue in the Twin Cities, International Market Square (IMS).

The annual Carnaval Brasileiro was held last weekend at IMS, and it was a fabulous way to heat up despite the polar vortex. D'Amicos poured some (strong), delicious capirinhas, bedazzled ladies shook their tail feathers (literally), and everyone danced enough to sweat out all the cacha├ža they were imbibing with ease.
The annual festival always comes around the week after the real Brazilian carnaval, and it's worth an appearance. There's something to be found for everyone - earlier in the day is a children's event, which covers kid-friendly face painting, mask making, dancing and cultural education; and a masquerade ball in the evening featuring live capoeira, samba dancers, and the best Brazilian Tina Turner you'll ever find around these parts.

Sadly, the event is over for this year, but mark your calendars for next year - it's worth a stop! Click here for a link to the event's page.