Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy International Women's Day!

Where my ladies at? 

Although I firmly believe that EVERY day is women's day, I wanted to mark International Women's Day (and Women's History Month) with a post roundup of all the pieces I've done that prominently feature female artists. And make sure to check out the above TED Talk from Roxane Gay, one of my favorite writers and a true feminist force. How are you celebrating women this month? Feel free to post and let me know.

Sisters Flee North Korea in the Magical Realist You For Me For You
A Production About America's Favorite Stripper Gypsy Rose Lee
An Amazing, All-Female Production of Shakespeare
Guerilla Girls Take Over - and I Love Every Second of It
Lena Dunham on Building an Internet Empire
Women Playing American Icons Elvis and Teddy Roosevelt
Beautiful Describes One of America's Best Songwriters Carole King
Traci Allen Shannon is Radiant in Non-traditional Casting as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz
Sister Act Shines at Chanhassen Dinner Theater
Little Mermaid Lights Up the Orpheum
A Local Version of the Real Housewives Series
Annie is One of My Favorite Broadway Revivals
Mary Poppins Hits It Off
I Discover Miwa Matreyek
Hello Dolly is a Huge Hit
My First - and Favorite - Encounter with Little Mermaid On the Stage
Mamma Mia is Always a Fave
Evita Brings History to Life
Local Faves Shannon Custer and Carolyn Pool at the New Century 
Be the Match Registry Donates to 50,000th Patient
Ballet Prejcolaj is the Most Incandescent Ballet EVER
Dessa Talks About Ethics in Hip-hop
Hairspray is Magic
Dial M for Murder Shows Female Dark Side
Girls Only is for Girls Only
Anne Ulku, Female Font Designer
Women in Letterpress at Zeichen Press

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