Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reviewed in Brief: My Fair Lady

The classic musical gets delightful treatment as the Guthrie's 2014 musical production

Sometimes there are shows that sell themselves. 

With a story (and music) as delightful as that of My Fair Lady, it's easy to sell seats - but it's much harder to live up to that packed audience's expectations. 

Fans have nothing to fear of the latest rendition of My Fair Lady currently being performed at the Guthrie. All of the classic elements of the famous musical - down to the soot smeared faces, Cockney accents, and glowing streetlights - are included here, as well as a fabulous cast that includes local musical wunderkind Tyler Michaels, a host of familiar faces who have migrated from Chanhassen Dinner Theaters for this production, and a sterling cadre of British actors to play the lead roles. 

Every lead is strong: Helen Anker is magnificent as Eliza Doolittle, Tony Sheldon is uproariously funny as Colonel Pickering, Jeff McCarthy is appropriately blustery as the long winded Professor Higgins, Michaels brings a new comedic side to his portrayal of Freddy, and Donald Corren is, as Higgins puts it, "deliciously low" as the blustery Alfred P. Doolittle.

The backup cast is no slouch either, singing in lovely harmonies (their interludes in fact comprise the show's musical highlights), and the set and costumes are just as elaborate and magical as one has come to expect of the Guthrie. The choreography is crisp and whimsical, and every detail seems to have been well and lovingly thought-out. 

This show is a must-see; but it won't be around for much longer! Run to get your tickets before it closes on August 31 by clicking on this link