Thursday, July 25, 2019

Where on Earth Have I Been?

Greetings from the future, lovely readers…

Photo courtesy of One Heart Africa

I bet some of you are starting to wonder what the heck has happened to me!

In one word: Africa.

I spent all of June 2019 on the trip of a lifetime through several countries in West Africa. Naturally, a trip of this length is a real bomb in one’s work life, so I needed several weeks before and after to pre-work and play catchup for being gone so long.

I’m slowly getting back to normalcy and to having time for things like blogging! I am definitely taking some extra time post-trip to evaluate that I have enough space to accomplish all of my goals (working up in my paid job, volunteering with causes important to me, etc.), so please note that although I’m still around, I may not be on here as consistently as you’re used to depending on workload.

That said, I’m not going anywhere – and I still want to take you all along for the ride. I will be doing a series of posts about my trip breaking down tips and tricks for traveling in West Africa, which I have found is a region not often covered in media outside of local media. I’m so excited to share this with you all and learn together about places that deserve far more attention and respect than they get.

Thanks for hanging in there, and please continue to reach out as cool things arise! I love hearing what’s going on and will happily share what I can when I can.

XOXO, Becki

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